Phat Pad Review

iPad Phat Pad

Carrying notebooks and notepads with pen sometimes becomes a hassle for you and you wish you had one thing in your hand that could do everything. What if your pen is lost? What if your notepad gets soiled? What if it has poor quality paper that would tear the moment you write?

Want an app that takes your notes on iPad? Here comes, Phat Pad from PhatWare.

Phat Pad is a standard note-taking interface and it has a variety of tools. Consider blank screen as your canvas and rub your finger as if you are scribbling some word or drawing a picture and you see it appearing on your blank screen.

You can alter pen tool, add pages, use Insert text feature and share pictures via e-mail. These are only some of the features of Phat Pad.

So now stop worrying about your expensive pen. You can hold your iPad in one hand and your girlfriend’s hand in the other.

So what do you think about this new Phat Pad? Tell us in the comments section below.

Click here to buy and download Phat Pad for your iPad.

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