Phix Photo Contest! [iTunes Gift Cards for giveaway!]

There’s a lot you can do with the iPhone’s camera and we are aware of that. There have been some interesting apps around to accomplish great results with your iPhone’s camera and some of those include the Phix apps.

Therefore we are organizing a contest in which we give away a $150 iTunes Gift card. The gift card goes to the person who can show us the most amazing picture that is edited with one of the Phix apps.

To get in the contest you can follow these steps :
-Take an amazing picture with your iPhone’s camera
-Edit it with a Phix app of your choice, you can choose from (MonoPhix, MonoPhix Lite (free), iPhix, FlashPhix and GrayPhix)
-Email the photo with your contact details to
-Post the link in the comments

When the contest is over we will pick the most amazing looking picture.

Get Started, Click here

Have fun and start shooting some nice pictures!

NOTE: I would also like to add that you can now join this competition without having to buy a Phix app, since you can just download one for free with MonoPhix Lite, I’ve added it to the list.

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