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In this 21st century, whatever people do, they like to tell the world. Sometimes, they do that by posting Status updates, Tweets, or by posting photos on Facebook or Twitpics.

You like to refresh your memories of moments you love and you like to see the photos on Facebook.

Now here comes the fastest way of viewing your online photos. You can easily stream your online photos and put a slide-show of your “classic moments” on your iPad. The setting tab allows you to log in to your social networking profile and see your photos. You can set the time of one photo remaining in the frame after appearing.

Created by AppFund UK, Photo Slide Stream turns your iPad into a digital photo frame where you can see your photos.

Following are the benefits of Photo Slide Stream:

1. You can connect to your Facebook, Twitpic, Picassa or any photo sharing website where this app can stream a slide-show of your photos stored in your accounts.

2. You can create a list of your favorite and playlists of your most loved photos that you stored in your iPad.

3. You can keep the photos in your online accounts and stream them from there. This would save the space and memory of your iPad.

4. You do not need to waste your time by transferring photos on your iPad. Simply put them on your social networking profile by creating an album and stream it to your device.

So are you ready to relive the classic moments of your life you captured in photos. Tell us in the comments section.

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