You Can See A Stranger’s Photo Stream Via MobileMe Account With A Jailbroken Apple TV2 Bug

Brandyn Baker did not have any intention to do that. He was trying to do something else but ended up discovering something new.

Baker ran into an Apple TV glitch that allowed him to view a complete stranger’s photo stream.

Baker had his Apple TV 2 (firmware 4.4.4) Jailbroken using Seas0nPass. However, while attempting to sync his Mobile Me account he accidentally entered the wrong email address that actually belonged to a stranger. Baker said:

The thing is, the wrong one was someone else’s and I can see all their pictures from photo stream! I tried it with some other original names and it worked again…

After numerous google searches Baker was not able to find a topic or thread about this specific bug. A number of complaints surfaced from users unable to sync their MobileMe accounts with Apple TV. However, none accidentally happened across someone else’s account entirely.

Apple is yet to look into the matter or respond to this bug.

Were you unable to sync your MobileMe account with Apple TV2? Tell us about it by posting comments below.

Source: Modmyi

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