Pixel 3 vs. iPhone XS: What Apple steals from Google

Google announced the brand new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Thus, as a known fact, on the heels is where the biggest and most unprecedented leak, is the devices where shows up. Hence, in blurry cam pics and sketchy videos, sold underground gives the full-on hands-on treatment up to the event.

Worse, hard-core Google users especially is where the ones most predisposed of the new pixel. Thus a day after Google admitted to a Cambridge Analytical style data exposures failed with disclosure for months.

Thus to note a fact, is not worried about Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. Hence the position never or sold with mass-market brand such as Galaxy or iPhone.

Read the full Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL hands-on at Android Central

Thus when taking the drama out of it, amazing is with technology where the Pixel, includes some where Apple strongly considers for iPhones next.

Now, a very much S year, in iPhone parlance, is for the Pixel. Google hence not only makes any radical redesigns or changes. The things hence to fix badly need fixing, where the tragedy of the Pixel 2 XL displays, and makes a lot already while there are good things of great.

As someone to buy the new Google phone every year, just goes back to the Nexus One through the original Pixel and the 2 XL, totally cool with.

1. That camera

Google always is where one of the best cameras of the business — despite having the best camera hardware arguing the best. Hence, a bad hardware, big sensors, good lenses, and all that lacked originally OIS, lacked dual cameras, which has not done is much to address anything on the optics side. Thus Google, has AI bits where the software and the silicon of the Pixel is of Visual Core.

Apple hence is with a single camera of the upcoming iPhone XR, where I get a chance to shoot both of them, is where the respective computational photography teams deliver.

The trickier part to judge is astonishingly talented Jonathan Morrison is pointed out earlier this week — which pretty much has the entire Pixel Selfies community where the iPhone XS selfies.

The interesting fact on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL side where Night Mode HDR takes a ton of pictures instead tries to get the maximum dynamic range tries to pull out the best, with detailed picture having possibility from the darkness.

Thus with optical image stabilization — OIS shake — collects more data and produce much better quality images digitally zoomed in. iPhone thus do optical zoom up to 2x, anything which improves greater than 2x with a huge win.

The crazy part, Google ships for iPhone or Galaxy phones or any phone tomorrow as wanted to. Hence with software, Google could ship a new Camera app for iOS exposing almost all the Pixel tech for almost any user.

Thus Google does a super interesting thing, giving a much bigger and more compelling data in front of Google Photos.

Tragically or heroically, not possible to tell is Google’s steadfast not adding a second camera, adding one to the front this year. Not a TrueDepth system such as Apple, where a wide angle turns more easily your selfies into groupies.

I love wide angle lenses and front and/or back, takes with a second or third camera, also one loves to see as it comes to iPhone.

2. Those speakers

Thus a month ago, a bottom front-facing speaker on the new iPhone, have thought about it. After the new, wider stereo on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, a current position is clear more than fine.

Hence it is good, to make things wonder. The chin is to hold the speaker covering up still needs a chin.

Thus a clear but only thing between us stands, a truly bezel-less future is cost with engineering talent is a damn notch. Thus the scratch is one from the list hence.

3. Fast Charging

It was easy to dunk last year both Apple and Google, includes a fast charger from the iPhone box. Google includes headphones which is not in the Pixel box. Thus this year, is where Google includes the headphones and Apple still on the fast charger.

Apple has 5 watts whereas Google with 18 watts. Thus a known fact which is tough to dissect is where the individual parts prices out with overall package value. Google hence bumps where Pixel with a price range between is $150 to $799. Also Apple has a starting price of iPhone XS ranges $999 to $1099 and 12 watts cost around $19 to 30 watts with $49 plus a $35 lightning to USB-C cable.

USB-C still thicker than Lightning heads a wireless world is not getting there sooner transferring quickly with the future video formats such as 4K HDR 60fps, never minds 8K — where still makes a more sense over wires — USB-C in the box, where one or both ends, starts to make kind of sense does. Hence Apple rumors switching iPad Pro.

One cable to rule them all… until Wi-Fi 7 or whatever rules it all out.

The other aspect entails Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is: The back glass etched fine texture makes it feel — and grip —like metal. Hence my colleagues at Android Central had a chance going with hands-on as said.

Thus iPhone 8 which has a similar extent, iPhone X and iPhone XS  not like Nexus 4 is slippery. Thus putting centers of conference tables at CES takes to slide off almost perfectly leveling surface at the floor. The aluminum-backed iPhone has recent memory since they are closer.

If Apple increases the frictional coefficient of the back iPhone glass is super happy. Thus everything from the arm rests on my sofa with the wood on my floors.
Thus Pixels and the iPhones XS is with 4 GB of RAM manages with the count. Pixel of 128 GB goes with a storage and iPhone XS, 256 or 512 GB. This not only harvests cloud storage, where digital pack rats offload with one still trusting Google’s servers.

Hence with honestly a bigger and more important story of the phones, is both companies converging a race of atoms. Thus the computer vision and machine learning hence is at bits.

With Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL, it is not revolutionary. Hence, with few features loving to see Apple, it is considered to note the next generation iPhones. Hence a lot more coverage is with both new Pixel phones on Android Central as you know Mr. Mobile weighs in, so check out his channel as well.