Pixelmator Pro Gains Full Support for macOS Mojave with enhanced Features

Pixelmator Pro, an image editing app updates version 1.2 add full support for macOS Mojave. This is with a new light mode, where there are faster machine learning tools and more.

The update introduces compatibility with Continuity Camera and Quick Actions, with two macOS Mojave features. With Continuity Camera supports design. This lets you import a photo into Pixelmator Pro from an iPhone, where Quick Actions edit images using Finder.

Thus Batch processing functionality finds in Finder, with an Automator, for white balance, auto enhances, colour adjustments. This effects and file conversions with Automator and Quick Actions. There are tools creating your own Pixelmator Pro Quick Actions without opening in Pixelmator app.

macOS Mojave brought Core ML 2, now powers Pixelmator Pro features like Auto Layer Naming, ML Color Adjustments, ML Hue & Saturation, ML White Balance, ML Lightness and a new ML Enhance features designed to let Apple’s neural network analyze and improve the colours of an image in just a few seconds.

ML Enhance, an auto-enhance feature with professional photos, letting tweak of 37 colour adjustments with best possible automatic colour tuning.

The updated version of Pixelmator Pro includes a light appearance and a revamp dark appearance. This designs working the Light Mode and Dark Mode in macOS Mojave. Pixelmator Pro on your macOS settings activates automatically.

SVG fonts supported in Pixelmator Pro 1.2, with several bug fixes. This includes download from the App Store for $29.99, a 50- per cent discount off the regular Pixelmator Pro price. Customers purchase Pixelmator Pro updates for free.