Plan Your Budget More Efficiently With iBudget nvlops [REVIEW]

iBudget nvlops

We all plan budget. Whether it is family budget, or a budget regarding investment in business. When a film-maker makes a movie, budget for actors’ salaries, special effects, costume designing and set construction is planned.

To start a business, a businessman needs to plan the budgets for obtaining the building to be used as office at cheaper rate, pay of electricity, equipments, paying salaries to employees, etc. The number of employees to be hired is decided on the basis of monetary budget that comprises of the amount of money that would be used for paying salaries.

People plan budget to ensure that they do not overspend their income. They aim to save money and spend according to the necessity. To plan a budget, it is necessary to keep a track of expenses and decide how the expenses can be minimized and unnecessary expenses can be done away with.

iBudget nvlops

ABTIMO SARL has decided to lend a helping hand so that you can plan your budget carefully. Based in Paris, France, ABTIMO SARL has designed an app called iBudget nvlops. ABTIMO SARL specializes in a variety of IT services.

iBudget nvlops is an application that allows you to use an old system to tame spendings. It uses an envelope method to calm down people who are unable to track disposable income, and whose moneys gets spent regardless how much they are making.

In this app, you can set up the wallets, put the necessary budget for a period and enter every cent you are spending or have spent within the period. When the period is not yet finished and your budget “Dining” is low, you avoid eating out to a restaurant, and buy a sandwich. Experience shows that average people economize the amount spent on this software in a couple of days.

iBudget nvlops is not a game with cool graphics, charts, sounds and interconnection magic. If you have got spending problem then adopting iBudget is an investment (if you are thinking that the price of this app is high) with a break even achieved and Retrun On Investment (ROI) at the end of the day. This app solves your problems. The functionality and interface of iBudget nvlops are frugal and restricted by design. You do not want a bloatware difficult to learn and complex to use. You do not want to delay by forgetting to use it every day.

iBudget nvlops

You can start by using it during one week and then stop. After that, you should restart next week if the cure is not completed.

You will just enjoy this program when you realize that you get something in savings account at the end of pay period ( generally a week) when you have been feeling broken before.

In the new Version 1.8 of iBudget nvlops, there is a decimal separator disabled option. Now, bigger amounts (9 digits) amounts are allowed. Localization has been fixed. Application icons for latest devices has been fixed.

The languages supported by this app are English, Bashkir, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

iBudget nvlops is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 3.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining iBudget nvlops from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPod Touch.

After using it, do you feel that now you can keep a track of your expenses and savings more efficiently? Post your comments.

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