Plan All Your Foreign Business Dealings In Any Currency Through iCurrency Plus [REVIEW]

iCurrency Plus

In your business, you often have to deal with foreign clients. When it comes to financial transaction, sometimes, it takes time to decide how much to charge as buyer and seller might require different currencies. If you want to receive a payment for your service, you would need to figure out the value of currency in your client’s country, in terms of currency of your country. For example, you need to understand the what is the rate of your service in terms of UK pounds because your client living in UK, may not be able to pay you in US dollars. If you need to pay someone, you need to know how much you need to pay that would amount to the charge for his services, in terms of currency of his country.

To calculate and figure out the value of important foreign currencies in terms of your currency, you should have iCurrency Plus because this a very helpful app.

iCurrency Plus

iCurrency Plus has been described as the only application in the App Store that shows you currency rates in your Notification Center and even in your Lock Screen if you have iOS 5 in your device.

Tracking currency rates is very easy with iCurrency Plus. This app does all the work of following your choice of more than 90 different currencies. It even notifies you of critical changes in almost real-time and offers trends and graphs! At the moment, there is no other application on the market that can do all this for you.

iCurrency Plus has been developed by Limited Securities that claim to provide applications that would help you easily access information of the financial industry, like currency rates, precious metal prices (silver, gold, palladium and platinum), as well as industrial metals and oil prices.

Following are the important features of iCurrency Plus:

1. In iCurrency Plus, you can add currency pairs of choice, not only currencies against US dollars.

2. You can see the change in value over a period of time of your choice.

3. You will get notified in the app if this change is larger than a percentage that you choose.

4. iCurrency Plus can send the same notification via push. No other app has this.

5. You can see several graphs to check trends: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly; all in one screen.

6. You can convert prices on the spot. This feature useful if you are traveling.

7. iCurrency Plus gives you more than 100 currencies used in more than 150 countries.

8. This app has intuitive interface which is very easy to use.

9. In this app, currencies can be added per request on the fly. You would not need to update the application.

10. Languages supported by this app are English, Italian and Spanish.

Imagine that you have been planning a perfect vacation for years and now you are finally going. The tickets are booked and you know what to pack. The hotel is all-inclusive but you wish to pick up some of the local handicrafts as souvenirs while you are there. Thus, you just need to buy some spending cash. Problem is that exchange rate has not been very good.

iCurrency Plus

Hoping for things to improve soon, you spend a lot of time everyday, scanning the tiny print columns of the paper, trying to figure out if it is the best time to buy. This is a really boring task.

You can avoid all hassles by getting iCurrency Plus. It does not have a very high price and is easy to use. This app does all of the work for you. All you need to do is just tell it which currencies you want it to keep tabs on. iCurrency Plus will take care of everything from that moment.

You should take iCurrency Plus with you to those souvenir shops. The built-in currency calculator would let you figure out how much that treasure costs in your country’s funds.

The iCurrency Plus app is perfect for Forex (Foreign exchange), commodities and precious metals traders. It is also helpful for those who watch the exchanges, but you do not have to be a fancy broker to reap the benefits of the app.

People who buy or sell things on eBay, purchase freelance services online or those who use PayPal in some other way can save themselves some cash with this app, too.

In the updated version 1.2.8, many bugs have been fixed. Now this app is compatible with iOS 5 with the latest update.

iCurrency Plus is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining the app from App store and the app has been used on an iPod.

Do you find the calculation and comparison of foreign currencies easier with this app? Post your comments.

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