Plan Your Party With PartyPlanner Pro And Enjoy More [REVIEW]

PartyPlanner Pro

Seeing the title of this review, you must be wondering how planning a party with an app called PartyPlanner Pro would help you enjoy the party more. This is because this app would help you plan everything for you party so efficiently and systematically that you will enjoy the party when everything goes smoothly.

Sometimes, at parties, I sing a song called “Rock Tha Party” with a friend. This song is by a duo called Bombay Rockers. If you want to rock your party and make it a night to remember, you need to plan the party properly.

PartyPlanner Pro

PartyPlanner Pro is the only app you would ever need to have for planning all your parties or occasions together with friends, family and colleagues. When you think of all those gatherings, you start thinking about the details that need to be taken care of. All those questions you might ask about a party or the great event you are planning. What is the occasion? When is it? What things are to be purchased for the party? What are the other arrangements to be made and taken care of?

The questions can be more, depending how much planning you want to do and how you want you wish to organize any party of event. But no need to worry.

PartyPlanner Pro is here to help you! This app has been specially designed to help you plan parties for birthdays, company parties, meetings and a lot more. It will also help you with a lot of very important details that would help you planning the party in a better way, thanks to the awesome features of this app:

1. Finalizing the location of the party.

2. Time of the event will be synced to your device calendar.

3. PartyPlanner Pro has a separate reminder of the event so you reach it in time. You can set reminders as per your convenience.

4. Occasion for the party.

5. Purchase lists regarding things meant for decoration, welcoming guests, arrangement of drinks, snacks and food items.

6. Tasks to accomplish.

7. Notes about the event can be made.

8. You can created templates for your tasks, purchases and locations for your party or any social gathering with this app.

PartyPlanner Pro

PartyPlanner Pro has been developed by Elviranett Solutions, a company located in Norway. Elviranett Solutions provide a variety of products and services in digital form. All of their products and services are based on digital delivery such as mail, uploaded applications, remote consultancy and business advisory related to mobile devices and tablets.

When you plan your event you may not be able to (or you might not want to) do everything all by yourself. You can plan tasks to do, purchases, and assign activities to other people.

PartyPlanner Pro knows your needs and understands what to do because you want things to be easy.

Elviranett Solutions has added a very handy function in this app to send an assigned task as text message or email to the person you have assigned it to! Your data will also be taken care of with automatic backup. Thus, you would not lose information even if your device gets lost.

All the planning goes very smoothly while you use PartyPlanner Pro since it works as a second memory and backup secretary for you. All the planning is very easy to handle.

Thus, planning a social gathering or party will not be a difficult task, once you start using this app.

PartyPlanner Pro is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPod Touch, 4th Generation iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 5.1 or later version.

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So how do you feel about an app that can note down and remember all your planning so that you can make all necessary arrangements quickly and enjoy the party? Share your feedback with us.

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