Play An Awesome Game Of Numbers With AWEsum! [REVIEW]

AWEsum! iPhone iPad iPod Touch

You have played with words a lot of time in many games. Now here comes a new game from Nomad Apps in which you play with numbers and enjoy a new type of excitement. As the name name suggests, this game AWEsum! is simply awesome.

Nomad apps claim to develop mobile applications that make your life easier and more enjoyable. With AWEsum!, they fulfill their promise as this is a game of numbers that the more you play, the more you would enjoy.

AWEsum! iPhone iPad iPod Touch

AWEsum! is a fast-paced, puzzle game, filled and packed with action. This game has been designed for casual game lovers of all ages. While playing this game, you are supposed to guide and place a pair of falling number cubes onto other cubes below in such a way that the single digits assigned to each cube. When added together, single digits would equal the game’s predetermined “AWEsum”. Correctly paired cubes will result in their disappearance and prevent the “cube wall” from reaching the top of the board and ending the game. You are supposed to receive scoring bonuses by power-dropping cubes, matching cube colors, or by making multiple AWEsum pairs at once. The AWEsum changes periodically throughout the game. It keeps you unitizing your mathematical skills as long as you are playing.

The Game speed would progressively increase and “special” cubes with powerful cube-bursting features would be introduced as periodic rewards to players who demonstrate proficiency.

Now let us take a look at the features of AWEsum!:

1. There are selectable cube wall height and starting level.

2. AWEsum! has natural, fluid tap/drag/flick controls.

3. There are simple in-game instructions for beginners.

4. This game is easy to learn, irrespective of the age-group players belong to.

5. This game subtly hones rapid mental math skills of the player while playing.

6. Along with beautiful graphics, this game feature vibrant colors and backgrounds.

7. There are two special special cubes, Number Bomb and Expanding Arrows.

8. The player can flick Swap spheres to destroy undesirable cubes.

9. While playing, you can accumulate more Swaps by pairing both falling cubes.

10. This game features high-quality stereo soundtrack and effects.

AWEsum! is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later.

So are you ready to test your Math skills by playing this game? Tell us in the comments section.

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