Play Gulpies And Feed Your Pets [REVIEW]


Years ago, I played a game called Hungry Worm in which the player had to feed a worm. The more food is given to worm, the more points are scored by the player.

Now here is a very cute game called Gulpies which reminded me of that game. Here you have three pets and you have to feed them in order to score points.


However, these pets are very fussy. They will only eat what they like. Red loves to eat meat, Pinky loves candy and the only things that Greeno love to eat are fruit and vegetables. Another pet called Crunchy shows up on some occasions. He is really nice and thus, he will eat anything!

To play this game, you have to position each item over the right Gulpy, and watch him gulp it down. Special items are there to stir things up. When a Gulpy has had the wrong food he will lose a life and a crate will get placed where he was standing. If the crate pile reaches the top of the game screen, the game ends.

Gulpies has really colorful graphics and all characters look very cute. The music gives a happy feeling to player as it is cheerful.

Gulpies has been created by a company called TotMob which develops apps for iOS and Android.

In the Version 2 of Gulpies, there are new scenarios. In this version, you can also share your scores on Facebook.

Gulpies is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later version.

Did you enjoy playing this game? Which character Gulpy did you like most? Post your comments.

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