Play Mindblowing Word Game With Your Friends [Review]

Can't Say That-Word GameSmart Phone gamers have been turning towards many word games lately. After the success of word games like Draw Something and Word With Friends have made that possible. Well, there is a new word game in the scene – Can’t Say That.

Do you remember playing scrabble with your friends during your school days? When you have nothing to do, you just want to enjoy with your friends.

Can’t Say That combines the fun of scrabble and puzzle games with the iPhone and what you get in return is pure fun.

Can’t Say That is a collaborative game. The idea is simple! Just login through your Facebook account and invite your Facebook friends. Either your friends will guess a word or they will ask you a question you would have to guess a word. In turn, they can give you a hint like a sentence but in that sentence they cannot use direct hints. For example, if you are asking them about the “Plumber” than you cannot say words like Pipes, Repair, Leak, Water and Fix. Other than these five words, you can give them any sentence of your choice and then they will have to guess the word. The sentence can be of 24 letters and if you guess the right word than you will get a coin and you will proceed to the next level.

Even if you cannot guess the right word, then you will get ample number of chances. You can take help from the game. You will get three hints in the form of a letter, the category to which the word belongs and whether the word means an adjective or a person. You will get a total of 10 Hints, 10 categories and 10 letters which are called as power-ups at each game.

Initially it can get a bit confusing but after playing this game two or three times, you will easily understand each and every thing and that is the beauty of this game. It is very simple but at times the word can take too long to guess. After you lose all your hints, you have to purchase them with coins you have gained. You can also play the game with a random person or invite your friends through their e-mails. It provides hundreds of words every month. The only limitation is that it requires a Facebook login. So the Facebook ID is a must for the user. This game will be available in the App-Store from 18th July, 2012.

It is a nice little game and if you want to give it a try than I will suggest you can give it a try.

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