Play Monster Cube And Meet Funny Monsters [REVIEW]

Monster Cube

Usually, we see monsters as scary creatures and we imagine that a hero would come and destroy the monsters the way Hugh Jackman playing Gabriel Van Helsing in the movie Van Helsing was killing monsters.

Comics also show monsters as violent and barbaric creatures.

One of the few occasions I saw monsters being shown as funny, good-natured and light hearted creatures was the moment I watched the Disney movie Monster Inc. I could not watch that movie till the end but I found it funny when cute-looking light hearted monsters made me laugh.

I came across a game, where you have to destroy monsters and there is no element of violence in this game. Therefore, if you child likes monster-themed games and if you do not want to give violent games to your children, this is a game you can encourage your children to play.

Monster Cube iPhone

Now here is a game called Monster Cube which is a really funny, interesting and exciting game. This is a wild new match three game that opts out from the normal 2D game grid into a wild 3D cube made out of smaller different colored cube shaped monsters. When you play this game, your job is to pull them out one at a time, re-arrange them to connect three in any direction. You have to destroy as many cubes in a row before time runs out to get the most points possible. Monster Cube has been created by a company called Monster Juice.

There are dozens of fun unique missions that you will enjoy. You can tap into Combos, Point boosters, and Fever Modes to pump up your score to epic levels. There are interactive online leaderboards that would be helpful to you while playing this game. For some people a game is not complete until it has some sort of Facebook presence. Monster Cube also has a Facebook Page where you can see the weekly high score from players of all over the world and an awesome Hall of Fame.

The countdown is on. The monsters are all in and its up to you to pulverize them. The battlefield in Monster Cube is a 3D cube layered 4 wide and 4 deep with rowdy multicolored cubic monsters. You have to destroy as many of them as possible before time runs out.

The controls are simple. If you want to wind around to see the Monster Cube from different angles simply swipe in the desired direction. Just tap on a cube to grab it, and tap again to put it where you want to.

Monster Cube is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

Though, you would not see bloodshed and extreme violence in this game, this game does feature mild fantasy violence. Therefore, user discretion has been recommended for playing this game.

Are you ready to discover a new theme where you play a game to destroy monsters? Post your comments about your likes and dislikes on this game.

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