Play with sentences and twisted words on iCruciPuzzle [REVIEW]


In Batman comics, you see Riddler making Batman going through various riddles and puzzles. Playing with words, Riddler coins riddles and by solving the riddle, Batman figures out Riddler’s plan. In some cases, Batman figures out a set of words as an answer to the riddle the sentence formed by the set of words is key to find Riddler and foil his evil plans.

If you like to play words and sentences, Enrico De Michele has a chance for you to become Batman and face challenges of Riddler.

More than 500 puzzle games are ready to be solved by you. By solving those puzzles on iCruciPuzzle, you can figure out what level of puzzles and riddles you can solve.


In iCrucipuzzle, you aim to go through twisted words and delete some predetermined words among a set of letters that are usually shown separately. Once you find all the words in the puzzle, you frame a keyword or key-sentence with remaining letters in the reading order which can either be left to right or from top to down. Usually, you would be knowing the length of each keyword.

Not only a simple and intuitive interface, this game also has beautiful graphics.

Now let us take a look and see what this game app provides:

1. You can play this game in English and Italian.

2. Interface for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has been colored and optimized for display screen.

3. There are more than 500 puzzles between Italian and English.

4. It is possible to create puzzles from the existent puzzles that you can play forever.

5. Puzzles of various sizes that use the whole screen are available.

6. Puzzles have been classified in different categories like Miscellaneous, Music, Education, Sports, Nature, Food, Science and Technology, Time, Costume and Society.

7. There are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard.

8. In this game you fight against time and time management record. Solving any puzzle is a race against time.

9. If you fail to find the correct word, there are three puzzle aids.

10. You have the option of saving the in case you need to close the app or in case you need to make or receive a phone call or text message.

11. Drawing line naturally and immediately.

12. Selection of the remaining letters in the puzzle is done by drawing circles, creating the keyword/key-sentence.

13. You have option and possibility of restarting the puzzle if you wish to.

14. You can listen to music on your iPod Touch while playing the game.


15. This app is compatible with Game Center.

16. Like a user manual, game instructions and guidance rules are there for the beginners to read.

This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3.2 or later version.

So are you ready to play the puzzles of iCruciPuzzles and crack the mysteries of hidden words and sentences like Batman? Share your feedback in the comments section.

Click here to buy and download iCruciPuzzles.

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