Apple Preparing iPhones With Bigger Screens?

Next Gen iPhone big screen

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple will introduce a new iPhone with a larger screen and an overhaul design that Steve Jobs “worked closely on” before passing away.

People familiar with Apple’s plans are speculating that Apple has ordered screens from suppliers that are “bigger than the 3.5-inch size” that the iPhone has been sporting since its debut in 2007.” The report noted that “Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had worked closely on the redesigned phone before his death in October”. Another source claimed that Jobs had played a “key role in developing” Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

If Apple was to perform a major redesign of the iPhone, it would be the device’s first re-design since the arrival of iPhone 4 in mid-2010. The previous design found incorporated into the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, was also kept for two years before the current form factor was introduced. With three mainstream media outlets reporting similar claims in the same week, the likelihood of Apple expanding the screen on its best-selling handset certainly appear to be high.

Previous reports indicated that LG Display, Sharp, and Japan Display are readying production lines for 4-inch displays bound for Apple’s next-generation iPhone. Furthermore, reports from Reuters claim that the production of the new screens could begin as soon as next month, ahead of full production of the next-generation iPhone in August.

Analysts have suggested that Apple’s interest in a larger-screen iPhone is coming in response to pressure from increasing screen sizes offering by competing Android handsets. The next-generation iPhone is widely expected to hit the market in the fall, roughly one year after the sale of the iPhone 4S. Let us see how much truth there is to the information when the next generation iPhone comes.

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