Presenting you the first iPad Street Musician!

Here the above picture shows a Russian hippie girl known to be the first iPad street musician.

The First iPad Street Musician? from Alex Shpil on Vimeo.

Earlier there was also the first iPhone performance by Hong Kong rock band RedNoon and now there is the first iPad street musician a Russian hippie with a raccoon tail. You can look at how she is holding up the iPad, well it obviously looks like a custom DIY iPad platform with suspenders straps.

She is using the $9.99 Seline HD App. The Seline HD is the #1 iPad Music App, Top Best-Seller, nominee for “Best Musical Innovation 2010” as seen in the hit video “The iPad Orchestra” which was featured by TechCrunch, MacLife and TUAW (iTunes).

[Via- obamapacman]

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