Pricing May Be Secret to Surface Tablet’s Success

Microsoft Surface tablet

On Tuesday, 19 June 2012 MMi’s Phillip Swanson meticulously outlined the pros and cons of Microsoft’s freshly unveiled Surface tablet. By all accounts, this heralds Microsoft’s entry into the tablet market.

According to Swanson, Microsoft’s move of entering tablet market has the potential “to be a legitimate challenger if for no other reason than Microsoft owns over 90% of the personal computing OS market share worldwide.”

But in addition to the positive attributes (and no shortage of borrowed ideas from Apple) that underscore the creation, look, and functionality of the Surface tablet, there may be one attribute above all others that will distinguish Surface from iPad and help Microsoft knock the iPad in the tablet market is the Surface tablet’s price.

At the time of this news report being written, Microsoft has not confirmed what will be the price of new tablet. However, the buzz inside the company suggests that the Surface may tread deep below the surface of where other competitive tablets dwell. In fact, the price of Surface tablet may not only be below the new iPad’s introductory level, it could also be below the Amazon Kindle Fire, which presently retails for just $199.

Microsoft’s long anticipated foray into tablet territory was believed to be the chief motivator for Apple to create a so-called iPad Mini. Many analysts believe that iPad Mini could be announced this fall and similarly be priced at or below $199. If this happens, Microsoft will have a much harder time gaining traction against Apple in this arena.

Source: Modmyi

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