Prince’s Albums Released on Apple Music

Prince’s albums were launched between 1995 and 2010 and on August 17th 2018, Sony released prince’s 23 albums across all major streaming devices which include Apple Music and Spotify.

This deal took place after the prince’s estate and Sony’s Legacy Recordings announced the signed deal to bring prince’s music to major streaming platforms for the first time.

The recordings that are being released according to Variety includes albums like; ‘prince Anthology 1995-2010’ (which is a new 37 track compilation), ‘Rave Un2 the joy fantastic’, ‘The gold experience’, and ‘3121’. However, the song’s distribution rights in 2021 will certainly be expanded and will include music recorded between 1978 and 1996 by artist.

The late prince, who died in the year 2016, practically avoided releasing his musical contents online however, before his death, he had signed an ‘exclusive’ deal with tidal to bring much of his albums that service.
The following 24 albums are now available on streaming devices, they are;
• Chaos and disorder (1996)
• Crystal ball (1998)
• The gold experience (1995)
• Emancipation (1996)
• Rave Un2 the joy fantastic (1999)
• The truth (1998)
• The rainbow children (2001)
• Rave In2 the joy fantastic (2001)
• One Nite Alone (2002) the after-show: it Ain’t over (up Late with Prince &the NPG)
• N.E.W.S. (2003)
• One Nite Alone Live performance (2002)
• One Nite Alone (2002)
• Xpectation (2003)
• C-Note (2004)
• Musicology (2004)
• The chocolate invasion (Trax from the NPG Music club: volume 1, 2004)
• The slaughterhouse (Trax from the NPG Music Club: volume 2, 2004)
• 3121 (2006)
• Planet earth (2007)
• Indigo Nights (2008)
• Lotus flower (2009)
• MPL sound (2009)
• 20Ten (2010)
• Prince Anthology: (1995-2010)

Excited about this news? You can find its content on Apple’s Music by tapping the browse tab, then you scroll until you see the Prince’s artist card. You will also find links to Prince’s ‘Piano & a Microphone 1983’ and the ‘international Lover’ albums which will arrive on the 14th of September.