Print Online for iPad offering 90%

Recently Apple has announced about the iOS 4.2 update to print wirelessly from your iPadbut if you don’t want to wait for that long then you can get this app and do it now as it is offering 90% off.

Well if you are finding difficulty to print or inability to print or fax from their iPads then I think you will want to take advantage of this limited offer. You can download Print Online for iPad by Ndili Technologies for $.99. Moreover, without any additional software, this app lets you print directly to local and shared printers as well and even fax wireless by purchasing fax units.

The app support Documents Module and faxing, printing and e-mailing a wide array of document types. Print Online for iPad is on for $.99 at the App Store, but will return to its original price of $4.99 when the sale ends.

Please note that over how long the vendor will offer this sale price. You can check at the App Store.


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