PrintJinni – A print on how this app works [Review]

Scenario: You need to know something quick! You pick up your Apple device and get online right away. You find the ultimate article or book or maybe even a simple picture. Browsing through your device is cool but sometimes you just have to get it printed, right? There have been apps that are trying to help you out with that and one of them is PrintJinni by Thinxtream Technologies Pte. Ltd.  which could come in handy to connect directly to your WiFi printer.

Okay! So whats in the app? I took a short trip and I’ll share my ticket :
I want to learn German and I find an awesome Wiki book. So I tap on the file and I’m prompted with an option to ‘Open in PrintJinni’

Files supported:

  • Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents (Microsoft® Office 2003, 2007 and 2010, Macintosh® versions 2004, 2008 and 2011)
  • PDF, JPEG, PNG, ZIP files (attachments containing supported files, retrieved from email configured in PrintJinni)
  • Supported documents from web storage services like Apple iDisk®, Dropbox and Box.Net®.


They have a Paste Board (available in the 30 day trial version after which you would have to subscribe to PrintJinni Services) where you can paste anything you have copied on your clipboard. So I think I should increase my fruit intake. How about I print a picture of an apple and put it above my desk? Ambitious!  So I copy the picture and then select the ‘paste’ option in the PrintJinni Paste Board.

I hope this has helped you understand the flow of this app.

You should know:
PrintJinni prints all documents at 360 DPI and not the highest supported resolution on your printer.
PrintJinni limits file sizes to 5 MB
Till you do not subscribe to PrintJinni Services you will be able use the app in the Limited Use Option, with limited functionality printing only JPEG, PNG and PDF files. However:
There is a FREE 30-day trial for new users which includes PrintJinni Services subscription enabling full app functionality and unlimited prints.

Thats alright? Okay here’s what you need:

  •  Any of the below printers will do

Epson® printers/All-in-Ones supporting ESC/P®-R
– HP® printers/All-in-Ones supporting PCL 3®
– Dell™, HP LaserJet®, Lexmark™, OKI®, Ricoh®, Samsung®, Xerox® (Phaser®, ColorQube®, WorkCentre®), others compatible with PostScript ® 3 or PCL 5® or PCL 6®
– Wi-Fi support/access
– Bonjour/SNMP support
Wide range of other models available on a Wi-Fi network via:
– Apple Mac Computer
– Microsoft Windows PC with a Microsoft Windows Server
– PC running Microsoft Windows Server software

  • Any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad having iOS 3.1.3 or later
  • Install PrintJinni on your Apple device. There is no need to install any additional software on your computer.

Additional Notes:
Back button will cancel the print.

For PrintJinni older version customers:
PrintJinni  is available as a free upgrade to users of all previous versions of the app. In addition, users of all previous versions of the app may continue to use the app and access PrintJinni Services (consisting of In Device Services, Cloud Services and Support Services) until the expiry of their respective subscriptions.

Get the 30 day free version:

Item not available.

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