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iPhone 4S

Ever since iPhone 4S has been released, there has been certain share of complaints and problems that are associated with it. The battery issue was one of the first as users of iPhone 4S were surprised to see how quickly the battery of iPhone 4S got drained, despite the tall claims made by Apple that it would be required to charge it just once a month.

Apple released the fix for battery issues to some users, instead of usual developers. However, apart from battery life, there were some other problems for iPhone 4S users.

Let us take a look at the other problems that the users faced:

1. Mute bug problem:
While making outgoing calls, all of sudden your call would go mute. Sometimes, the person you have called can hear you speaking but you would not hear anything. Sometimes the person may also not hear you. Many users held long discussions on this problem on Apple Support Forum. It was not limited to anyone carrier. Thus, everybody was convinced that this problem was because of some hardware or software inside iPhone 4S.

Though a fix from Apple is yet to be released, you can temporarily fix this problem by using a headset to make the call. Or you can get the voice working by turning speaks off and on.

2. Network data drop
It has been seen that iPhone 4S drops network at random. All of a sudden, the network in your device goes dead and then it goes normal after few hours. This problem is yet to be acknowledged by Apple.

3. Siri volume bug
Often Siri irritates the user by setting volume level to the maximum. After some time it goes back to where you set it. There are various discussions on Apple support forum on this issue.

Apple has released iOS 5.0.1 and claims that it is a solution to these and many other bugs. How many bugs would be fixed by iOS 5.0.1? That remains to be seen.

Source: Giga Om

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