Product Review: Powermat

As the word ‘innovate’ profounds – to make changes in something by introducing new methods, ideas, or products, the Powermat comes to our rescue with innovative ideas and products to charge our iPhones and iPod touches ( and of-course many other products ).

When I first saw powermat videos on it’s website, I was not very excited as to realization that these days no new products have the finishing, the looks or the features at the price the powermat was offered. My gadgeteer soul didn’t stop me to get one and I ordered two powerboats,
of which one was the home and office mat and the other a portable hunk of powermat, and of-course the cases/docks for my iPhone and iPod touches.

The delivery: Delivery was very quick. A reputed courier company safely delivered it without much delay.
Unpacking: Packaging was really cool. All safely set inside a hard box. Impressed :-)Now, finally the product:

Both the mats and the attachments are beautifully designed and manufactured with superb finishing. It actually is better than what the website shows! It works exactly as it is shown on the website. The difference…? Feels great to have it physically (Don’t be jealous!)

To add to it, there is a case for the portable mat. Very good quality. Very impressive. The power adaptors are also well designed. See for yourself!

Is it useful? Yes. Very much so. Think about it like this –

Your way: every time you get a call on your iPhone, and it’s on charge, you take the cable out, talk for few moments. You again put the cable on and repeat if there’s another call.

My way: I have my iPhone safely wrapped with the powermat’s iPhone case and when kept on the powerboat – it’s charging wirelessly. When ever I need it, I just pick it up and back when I’m done. No cabling uncabling. Also, no need to have separate cables for my other devices. So you know I’m the smarter one.

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  1. Is this really that good? You tempt me to get one of those… Sure, next month. Do they have a iPod shuffle dock?

  2. I have the office mat and now I’m tempted for the portable as well. Don’t travel to mch but it sounds cool

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