Protect All Your Pictures And Private Videos With oneSafe Photos [REVIEW]

Over the years, we have seen the cases of phones getting hacked and the data, including pictures and personal information getting leaked. Such incidents become bigger news when the phone of a celebrity gets hacked.

In 2005, somebody hacked Paris Hilton’s phone and posted all its contents, Hilton’s personal pictures on internet with a taunting message, “I’m Sorry, B***h!” That incident became even a bigger news it was found that the hacker had also posted complete speed-dial phone-book of Hilton that included the phone numbers of celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Eminem.

oneSafe Photos

Incidents like this makes you wonder how safe your phone is. Or sometimes, you may think that such incidents happen only with celebrities and not with common people. People wonder, “What is there in my phone” or “Why would anybody want to hack my phone”.

Beware! Such incidents happen with common people and hackers do these things to steal personal information. The pictures are used to create fake online profiles that would be used for illegal activities.

Rogue hackers can also steal pictures and videos of your children to share them with pedophiles in your area or on web.

oneSafe Photos

It is better to be safe than sorry. Thus, you must protect all pictures and videos in your iPhone and iPad. Here is an app that would provide “iron-clad” file protection to your pictures and videos stored in your iPhone and iPad.

This is a universal app that can run on both iPhone as well as iPad.

You keep your money and valuable jewelry in a secure vault. Similarly, the oneSafe Photos app is a secure vault for you to keep secret pictures and private videos. Finally, there is an easy way to safeguard your personal photos from prying eyes.

oneSafe Photos

With oneSafe Photos, your private images and personal videos will be theft-proof. From the trusted makers of oneSafe, this app features hardware encryption and AES 256 bit encryption, which is the strongest level protection available today. You can lock your photo vault with the touch of a button. Rest assured that your private information will stay private.

Other photo security apps are quiet difficult and tricky to use, with a complicated procedure. However, oneSafe Photos is quick and easy to set up. All you need to do is just choose a 4-digit PIN, password, or visual pattern. You can lock the vault with the touch of a button or automatically when you leave the app.

oneSafe Photos

oneSafe Photos ensures that your photos are safe. It features an option for double protection. Under this option, you can put your most valuable information in this “vault within a vault” where the second vault will only be accessible after entering a second password.

Also, this app gives you state-of-the-art security options such as autolock, self-destruction, a decoy safe, and break-in reports.

oneSafe Photos

With oneSafe Photos, you can add photos to your secret vault easily. This app helps you organize your photos in a better way. You can take new pictures, choose from your library, or import from USB. A full screen mode makes viewing your pictures more enjoyable.

Inside oneSafe Photos, you will find handy categories already set up for you in common categories such as family, holidays, and video – just drop your photos in to secure them. You can add or edit categories to meet your needs, and even include a description or change the theme.

If you are searching for a particular photo, Smart Views is the feature you should use to find photo quickly. You can mark them as Favorites so you can locate them easily later. This app also has a built-in search tool. This tool can also be used to find photos.

The languages supported by oneSafe Photos app English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

oneSafe Photos is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining oneSafe Photos from the app store and the app has been used on an iPad.

Now that you have oneSafe Photos, the privacy of your family (and you) is in safe hands, sorry safe app. Do you find the Secure Vault of this app, good enough? Is there any security setting or set-up that you wished this app to have? Post your comments.

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