Protect Your Mac Data And Recover Lost Data With Disk Drill [REVIEW]

Disk Drill

Often you are worried about the disk of your Mac crashing and the fear of losing crucial data is always in your mind. Such worries occur more often when you have some crucial work-related file or document in your Mac or when you have stored something that is rare and cannot be found on Internet.

Losing your data is not your only worry. You are also concerned about protecting your data and things like back-up also.

You cannot write your data in a DVD or an external drive every time because these things can get corrupted.

Disk Drill

Here is where a new Mac app called Disk Drill comes to protect your data and destroy your worries. This app not only protects data in your Mac from getting corrupted, it also helps you to recover your lost data.

Disk Drill has been made by Clever Files, a firm that makes applications for file recovery, disk recovery and data recovery. They claim that even deleted music files can also be recovered from their applications.

Disk Drill

It is easy to use Disk Drill after downloading it. When you run it, There is tutorial to teach you how to use Disk Drill. This tutorial carries the disclaimer that there is no guarantee of 100% recovery.

Among important features of Disk Drill, Recovery Vault is most important.

Disk Drill has a Recovery Vault that increases chances of 100% recovery. If you try to regain it immediately after deleting it, you may get it back. However, if you keep working on your Mac after deleting it, then your work may overwrite the memory of your Mac with the deletion of file getting erased. In that case, it would be difficult for you to recover the data.

Recovery Vault takes care of your files and prevents their loss. You can try to recover your lost data by clicking on a button “Recover Data”. The “Configure” button is for configuring Recovery Vault for better performance. Recovery Vault keeps a smart history of your file activity and thus, it helps its recovery with Mac File System or File Allocation Table (FAT). Recovery Vault keeps its data in the disk and thus, your Mac can find your lost data if it has Disk Drill and protect it.

Most of the files are deleted in the Hierarchical File System (HFS) or HFS+ (also known as HFS Plus) in your Mac. Its property like name and locations are lost. It is available there as a binary data until it gets overwritten by another file. In Mac OS X, you may not be able to recover your files with their original name or in their original locations. But with Recovery Vault, you can recover almost everything.

The navigation process is also possible in Disk Drill. Disk Drill can run a scan to recover files and once the scan is complete, it would display the things it has found. Just the way, an anti-virus program displays the names of viruses it has found in your Mac or PC.

However, Recovery Vault can do this only if it is active. Thus, to protect your data, you should activate Recovery Vault when you install Disk Drill.

Following are some other features of Disk Drill:

1. You can search for lost partitions:
Do you need to format your disk though it was easily accessible and working correctly just one reboot ago? Have you erroneously initialized your drive? Did you failed re-partitioning your drive? Even the free edition of Disk Drill lets you search your media for lost partitions. This operation is fast and produces the so-called virtual partitions if any are found. Virtual partitions are automatically attached to the disk that you were searching on. After that, you can quick-scan them to get ALL your data back exactly as it was before, all properties, filenames, folder structures will be saved, if possible. Alternatively you can also backup found partitions into DMG and continue with data recovery by scanning disk images.

2. S.M.A.R.T. Status monitoring:
Disk Drill can monitors your ATA, SATA and eSATA disks for hardware failures by polling S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard drive. Disk Drill will notify you with a visual alert or GROWL message in case something is going to happen to your disk.

3. You can Backup disks and create partitions into Disk Image (DMG):
Disk Drill can save your precious data by simply backing up any failing disk or partition into Disk Image (DMG) for further data recovery, so you would no longer need the original media.

4. Disk Drill has Mac-style user interface and advanced features:
Disk Drill has designed their Mac data recovery software to be simple and intuitive to every user. No matter if you are a data recovery guru or a new Mac user. Recovering data would be easy.

5. Disk Drill has advanced scanning sessions management:
You can “Save” and “Load” scanning sessions to switch between multiple media during data recovery. This is also invaluable for Deep Scan, which may take hours. Scanning progress is saved hourly. You can also be sure the progress is safe and not lost. You can also pause or save a session and get back to your scanning process later, when you have more spare time. Disk Drill features various options like flexible filtering, searching and sorting that would help you locate exactly the items you need recovered among hundreds or thousands of files usually available after deep-scanning. Convenient preview would let you check the contents of the files you are about to recover: images, video, music, documents, etc. By using Mac OS QuickLook approach, Disk Drill’s preview feature would be capable of showing even formats specific to a certain Mac.

6. Live Preview:
Disk Drill can show you Live preview even before disk scanning is complete: found items are added to the list in real-time. Thus, you can control the recovery process easily.

7. Password protection:
Disk Drill has the Master password feature that would prevent unauthorized usage of Disk Drill. You can set it once and rest assured that no one would be able to access your data protection settings.

8. Portable Mode:
Disk Drill has awesome portable mode. You can install Disk Drill on any media, and run it on other Macs without installation.

9. Language support:
Disk Drill has built with 64-bit code. it is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Support for more languages is coming soon in near future.

10. You can attach non-mountable disk images (DMG) to recover lost data from them.

11. You can recover your lost data from specific partitions (only empty space is analyzed then) or your whole disk (it is treated as a solid binary entity then).

12. Disk Drill provides detailed comprehensive technical information on every mounted media.

13. You can Minimize Disk Drill any time. It will scan in background, so you would not have to devote all your Mac desktop’s real estate to data recovery.

14. With Disk Drill, you would not need to disassemble your computer or Mac to get deleted data back.

This review has been written after downloading Disk Drill via gift card and this application has been used on a Mac.

Have you used Disk Drill on your Mac and do you find it helpful in the protection and the recovery of data? Post your comments.

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