Protests Surrounding The Launch Of New iPad

People waiting for New iPad

At the time of this new report being written, the launch of the New iPad is just few hours away. There’ is going to be a huge group of people standing outside your local Apple store before the sales begin.

However, there is going to be another group as well. They may be protesters. On Thursday night, 15 March 2012, a labor-group announced their plans to protest the launch of new iPad.

These protests will be an extension of those sparked recently by Mark Shields who spearheaded a petition drive and international protest to express disapproval of the “poor working conditions” found in the Chinese factories Apple uses to produce its products, like the new iPad.

Shields said:

“Apple hasn’t crossed the finish line yet. New product releases, like the iPad 3 this week, have typically been the most dangerous for workers because of the incredible pressure they are under to meet release production deadlines.”

So far, Shields has enjoyed support and appreciation. To date, some 250,000 consumers have signed their names to his petition demanding that Apple step up to the plate and do more to protect the health and well-being of those who make Apple products overseas.

However, A documentary has shown that Apple’s partner Foxconn provides good working conditions for Chinese laborers. Given the fact, that China is a Communist country, the rights of labor class should be top priority.

Therefore, it would be stupid for a company (especially an American company or a company collaborating with an American company) to exploit their laborers as they can get into serious trouble from police and government due to their act. Not to mention the hostility that Westerners or people associated with Westerners can face from police and government.

Therefore, one should be surprised if someday, somebody accuses Mark Shield of jumping the gun by believing false reports. Some people may give him names like “China Lover” or “Chinese Agent” on online forums.

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