Proview Declines Apple’s Settlement Offer?

Proview Apple iPad trademark dispute

Proview wants to harass Apple, just because Apple is an American company. Despite insisting on out of court settlement, Proview is dragging the argument with Apple which it is calling settlement talks.

Despite selling rights to Apple in a meeting which was attended by its officials from Shenzen and Taiwan, the Chinese company is falsely claiming the rightful ownership of the iPad moniker, only to extort more money from Apple. The corrupt judiciary and government are blindly supporting Proview, on the name of nationalism and patriotism.

According to China’s Beijing Times, Apple pitched a settlement offer to Proview worth 100 million yuan, which amounts to about $16 million dollars. But Proview apparently declined the proposed settlement. This information has come just days after attorneys for Proview admitted publicly that settlement talks with Apple were ongoing.

After a long legal battle that has dragged on for months, Apple remains in no danger of losing the rights to sell the iPad in China (although the new one still is not on sale there yet). But this reality is not going to stop a rabid Proview from pursuing every legal channel possible to apparently get something more than $16 million out of Apple.

However, by the time of this news reports being written, there are unconfirmed reports that Apple is actually willing to settle for 400 million yuan (or $63 million). This claim has not been independently verified.

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