Apple Accuses Proview Of Misleading Courts And Customers

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Apple and Proview have been going through a series court battles against each other over “iPad” trademark. Apple had purchased iPad trademark from Proview years ago. However, Proview is now rejecting Apple’s claim which lead to legal tangle.

Proview is having serious financial problems and trying to extort money from Apple over false claims as Proview sold rights to Apple. Now it is denying that the rights were ever sold.

This week, Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu claimed that the Apple was “tricked” into signing an agreement that creates questions about the term’s ownership. Specifically, Apple claims Proview maneuvered the 2009 arrangement through its Taiwan arm while the trademarks in dispute belonged to its Shenzhen subsidiary. Apple further claims this move was an attempt to avoid mainland creditors, as the company is in debt by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ironically, when “iPad” trademark was Proview’s property, it was Proview’s Taiwanese branch that had registered it as a trademark. So Apple did not do anything wrong by purchasing rights from the Taiwanese branch. Proview also had the Anti-American judiciary in China on its side which gave verdicts in the favor of Proview, ignoring all evidence provided by Apple.

However, now nearly bankrupt, Proview is requesting an out of court settlement while demanding US $1.5 billion from Apple. They reduced this amount after Apple’s refusal, in a bid to negotiate with Apple.

Source: TUAW

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