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The defeat in Shanghai over false claims of owning the “iPad” trademark was a major embarrassment to Chinese company Proview. Instead of apologizing to Apple, Proview decided to fight Apple in United States and filed a lawsuit against it.

However, due to some reasons and the fairness of American judicial system, Proview had sensed defeat. Thus, Proview has to do something more to put up a tough fight as the villain of the story. Proview is still the rightful ownership of the iPad moniker and is blasting Apple in court.

Due to the popularity of iPad and support from Hong Kong and Shanghai courts. the momentum of legal battle got shifted in opposite directions and now, for the moment, Apple is not in virtual danger of losing the rights to sell the iPad in China, the place where the whole system was against Apple just few days back. Apple had proved that they had purchased the rights to use iPad name from Proview but the courts were supporting Proview due to jingoistic feelings. Now that Apple is scoring an upper hand, Proview is pursuing every legal channel possible to apparently extort some money out of Apple which might save it from bankruptcy for which it had filed for in China.

On Tuesday, 27 February 2012, Proview revised its California lawsuit against Apple to reflect the latest accusation against them. The new allegations stated that Apple had engaged in full-blown fraud and other practices that could be termed as unfair competition.

The intricacies of the new accusations are steeped in enough boring details and jargon show the insanity of Proview’s legal experts. Proview is now saying that the steps Apple took to secure the rights to use the iPad name in China were slapdash and shady.

Proview has retained the services of a New York-based public relations firm to handle the company’s public statements. The latest statement reads:

“The complaint provides evidence that the December 23, 2009 agreement that Proview Taiwan entered into was fraudulently induced by the concealment and suppression of material facts by Apple’s agents, and that, as a result, the 2009 agreement is void… Once the agreement is voided for fraud, the iPad trademarks in the European Union, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam will revert back to Proview Taiwan.”

Do you agree with Proview’s claims? Because Apple has proved that it did purchase the rights to use iPad name in 2009.

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