Q&A: iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak and iTunes 9

iphone-31-itunes-9-300x86Every time when Apple releases a new version of iPhone update or iTunes, I always got questions from iPhone jailbreakers concerning about the upgrade. The same happens for iPhone 3.1 OS and the debut of iTunes 9. It’s always good to share these thoughtful questions with everyone as some of you may also have the same question in your mind.

So, here is the Q & A.

1. Is iTunes 9 safe for Already-jailbroken iPhone?
Yes. MuscleNerd, one of the iPhone Dev team member, has posted a tweet and mentioned “iTunes 9 plays well with already-jailbroken and unlocked devices”. It’s safe to pair your jailbroken iPhone with iTunes 9 and sync your data. I have tested it on my jailbroken 2G with firmware 3.0. Everything works well. But one thing you should note is not to upgrade to iPhone 3.1 when iTunes 9 prompts you for upgrade.

2. Can I use iTunes 9’s application management on iPhone with firmware 3.0 or lower?
With iTunes 9, you can manage and organize your iPhone home screen right from iTunes. However, this feature can only work with iPhone loaded with 3.1 OS. For those iPhone with older version, iTunes 9 will not show you the app management feature.


3. I’m planning to upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1. But do I need to use iTunes 9 to upgrade my iPhone?
No, both iTunes 8 and 9 should work.

4. Can I jailbreak iPhone 3.1 with redsn0w 0.8? What about PwnageTool for Mac?
Presently, there is no way to jailbreak iPhone 3.1. Redsn0w 0.8, the jailbreak tool for iPhone, can only handle jailbreak up to iPhone OS 3.0.1. From what I know, iPhone Dev team is working in progress to release the new version of redsn0w for iPhone 3.1 jailbreak. At the mean time, please hold off the upgrade to 3.1. Otherwise, you will lose the jailbreak and unlock. The same goes for PwnageTool that it does not support iPhone 3.1 yet.

5. Accidentally, I hit the upgrade button in iTunes and upgrade to iPhone 3.1. Is there any way to downgrade to iPhone 3.0?
According to Bigboss, you can restore to iPhone 3.0 if you’re using iPhone 2G or 3G. To download the older version of firmware, you can check out here. For iPhone 3GS user, however, you are not allowed to restore lower version of iPhone OS.

Before I end this post, let me highlight it again. If you’re using ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone 3G/3GS, please DO NOT UPGRADE to iPhone 3.1. This latest version of iPhone OS will also upgrade the baseband to 05.xx.xx. That means, your iPhone cannot be unlocked.

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