Qualcomm chief confess that iPad has killed the netbooks

Is not a new headlines or latest topic of discussion as about the iPad smashed netbooks with its growing popularity and with the downfall of smartbook. Now it seems to have actually knock out the smartbook.

According to me nobody would like to admit failure and especially from the head of a large company, but it did just happen this week. Qualcomm chief Paul Jacobs has acknowledged that the iPad has just about displaced the smartbook category that the company had been trying to establish with devices like the Lenovo Skylight.
I believe several companies that earlier in the year had planned to ship smartbooks in 2010 have backed off and the Lenovo netbook has been delayed to make changes including an OS switch.

Still whatever they put like exotic looks or design but it would not be easy to crack iPad records. Hope you all are on my side. Thank you.


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