Apple Brings “Quick Look Preview” Feature For iOS Apps

iTunes Quick Look Preview

Earlier, if iTunes customers had to click on multiple pages to get to the product they wanted to buy. It was time-consuming and sometimes frustrating if it took you so long to find it or if you fail to find it.

However, now Apple has given iTunes a much-needed improvement to address this issue.

The new improvement will assist you to find apps and videos on iTunes Store, quickly. The new change would give you the ability to peruse the whole store in a “Quick View mode”. After seeing all items, you can decide what you want to buy. By the way, now you can see all items without leaving the current page.

iTunes Quick Look Preview

When you click on the “info” button in the bottom right of each app icon, an option will appear that will give you a detailed description of the selected item along with the reviews, screenshots and price. According to several online reports, this option became available on both the main iTunes Store and App Store pages. It will also appear in the search results.

This new feature also works across all the content that can be found within iTunes, including songs, albums, music videos, movies and TV shows.

Source: Technology Tell

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