Rare Macintosh Going For $100,000 On eBay

Rare Macintosh

Steve Wozniak must be seething with anger. A seller by the name of “Wozniac” has placed for sale an item on eBay that is a rare artifact in the world of Macintosh computers. The item has been billed as “beyond rare,” what we have here is a prototype Macintosh 128K/Apple Mac with 5.25″ Twiggy disk drive.

“The world’s oldest known complete Mac” can be yours… if you have a spare $100,000 laying around. “Wozniac” is asking for a huge amount. Here is how the seller describes himself:

I am not Steve Wozniak, nor am I attempting to impersonate him. My eBay ID is “wozniac”, not “wozniak”.
I have had this eBay ID since 2007. Also, I live in Canada. Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple, Inc.) lives in the USA. My sincere apologies to you Steve, if this listing causes you any problems. Cheers!

So far, no bids have been placed. At the time of this report being written, you have 3 days and 12 hours to place a bid.

Wozniac says:

“To date, only bits and pieces of the original ‘Twiggy Drive’ Macintosh have ever surfaced… A motherboard here, a plastic case there, but never a complete machine or example. This is the only one! The computer and keyboard are authentic and original, dated 1982-83. The computer and its keyboard were acquired together and complete, and have not been pieced together from miscellaneous parts.”

Are you interested in buying this rare Macintosh? If yes, why? Post your comments.

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