Get Ready To Read The Memoirs Of An Apple Genius

Bartending: Memoirs Of An Apple Genius

Today, when you think about the word “memoirs” the book or the movie titled as “Memoirs of a Geisha” comes to your mind. Now a book that is set to win the hearts of Apple fan-boys will capture your mind whenever you hear or read the word “memoirs”.

Apple fanboys should be curious because Mid-April is less than two weeks away.

Very soon, the book titled as “Bartending: Memoirs Of An Apple Genius” written by Stephen Hackett will hit the stores.

The official website of the book has following description about this book:

Being one of the most successful companies in the world has made anything Apple-related newsworthy and special, including working in its retail stores. The truth is that selling computers at the Apple Store isn’t that much different from selling them anywhere else, but it is better.

The Apple Store is the place where those experiences are made far better or far worse. Being on the front lines means gathering some great war stories. Stephen is here to share a few of his.

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