Now Read “The Tree I See” On Your iPad In An Interactive Way [REVIEW]

The Tree I See

As a child, I read a story about the friendship between a child and a tree. The story talked about the unconditional love and eternal friendship.

Stories maybe timeless for people like us who grew up on such stories but for today’s little children, such stories have to be made interesting for them to enjoy.

And what better way making a story interesting by making it possible to read it in an interactive way.

The Tree I See

Aridan Books understand this and always make efforts in this direction. The CEO of Aridan Books believes that a good book continues to tell the story when the reader closes the cover. Thus, Aridan Books has created the app called “The Tree I See – Interactive Storybook”.

In the story told in this app, the tree gives a child, a place to sit. It gives skunk, a joy to climb at height (tree’s branch) and enjoy. It gives nuts to a squirrel. It gives birds, a place (its branches) to make nests. Tree gives flowers to a bumblebee. Tree is scared at night as all the friends are sleeping and now tree is feeling lonely.

At midnight, moon shines more and tree can see all its friends are with him. Tree is happy.

This story is for toddlers and children of all ages. It has been conceptualized by a Neurosurgery Physician Assistant. It offers elements to improve a child’s “working memory” and re-call ability as they read. As the makers describe:

The Tree I See offers a consistent illustrative theme and gradual character integration, to maintain focus and assist with the cognitive development of your child.

The Tree I See

The colors of pictures are bright and the story has been told through beautiful illustrations and visuals that make a children’s book appealing.

Following are the important features of this app:

1. Animotion: This feature is described as constant animation and motion that creates a true living storybook experience.

2. Building Blocks: Your child can learn about the flying friends of Tree and things needed to build a home.

3. Music Interplay: Each page adds a new musical component which offers a dynamic chorus.

4. Paralax Effects: You can tilt your screen to observe these 3D effects.

The Tree I See

In the new version 1.0.1 of The Tree I See, narration boxes have been resized for improved illustration visibility. Many bugs have also been fixed. Image quality can be adjusted in some pages.

The Tree I See – Interactive Storybook is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1 or later version. It is a universal app which can run on iPhone and iPad both.

This app is available at 75% discount throughout this week because it is Independence Day this week.

This review has been written after obtaining The Tree I See – Interactive Storybook from app store and the app has been used on an iPad.

So did you enjoy the story told in this interactive ebook? What is your child’s feedback about this story? Share with us.

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