Type Like Real Type Writer In A Hi-Tech Way With The Amazing Type Writer [REVIEW]

The Amazing Type Writer

Before computer existed, people used typewriters to write text on papers. Today, typewriters may not be seen anywhere but people recall typewriters when they see period movies like Moulin Rouge or Sherlock Holmes.

The font in which text written by a typewriter on a paper fascinates many as such paper or text looks “vintage”. That font is available in Mac or PC but it may not create that feel for you. Therefore, here is an app called “The Amazing Type Writer” with which, you can type text on your iPhone as if you are using a typewriter.

Just because a Marvel super-hero is known as “The Amazing Spider-Man”, it does not mean that “The Amazing Type-Writer” is Spider-Man’s typewriter. However, it is still amazing.

The Amazing Type Writer

Carrying the look of old typewriter, this app has old looking paper, random type widths, poor grammar and even worse spelling.

Writing notes sounds boring. The Amazing Type-Writer is an easy to use app works as you would expect. If you have ever actually typed on a real type writer before,you will enjoy using this app.

This app has been created by Doormouse who have created many programs for computer and Mac in past.

The engineers at Doormouse Mfg. claim to have designed this app by combining the latest in mobile pneumatic tubes technology with the highest-quality typewriter swing-arms available. This app also has a nominal price which according to the creators, the competitors of this app would never offer.

At the moment, there are plans to produce only a limited number of the Doormouse Mfg. Amazing Type-Writers. Therefore, you should not miss your chance to own the highest-quality pocket-sized type-writer that is currently available.

The Amazing Type Writer

Now let us have a look what you can do with The Amazing Type Writer.

1. You can record your thoughts & textual doodles for posterity on high-quality card stock.

2. You can post your cards to the prestigious Typewritten Gallery.

3. You can view the works of others, and unabashedly type on their cards as well.

Following are some new features in the new version 1.0.2:

1. Tweeting is possible. You can send your cards to Twitter right from your Type-Writer (iOS 5).

2. The New Top Cards list would let you see the best of the Typewritten Gallery.

3. You can copy links and tweet cards (iOS 5) by pressing and holding a card in the list.

4. Now, the Amazing Type-Writer can send high-resolution thumbnails to the gallery.

This app carries some mildly suggestive themes. Therefore, the user discretion is being recommended for the use of this app.

The Amazing Type-Writer is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 4.0 or later versions.

So did you type something using this app? Enjoyed the classic vintage look of text? Share your comments.

Click here to buy and download The Amazing Type-Writer.

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