Recalibrating Your iPhone’s Home Button To Make It More Responsive [TUTORIAL]

iPhone Home Button

Sometimes the Home button on the iPhone seems as if has hanged. It becomes a bit unresponsive.

Usually those issues are software based, unless you may have made the mistake of mishandling your iPhone or dropping it in water by mistake.

However, now a simple recalibration can to fix most issues with the iPhone’s Home button. Following video explains how.

Following procedure can make the Home button of your iPhone more responsive.

STEP 1 – Open a stock app, for example, Weather or Stocks.

STEP 2 – Press your power button and hold it until “slide to power off” appears. Release it when it appears.

STEP 3 – Press and hold your Home button until the “slide to power off” goes away, and the app force quits. Now your iPhone’s Home button would be more responsive, because it has been recalibrated.

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Source: iDownload Blog

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