Red Hydrogen One unboxing and hands-on


AT&T has 9to5 Google with special RED Hydrogen One launch last night, a keynote by RED founder, Jim Jannard. This evening thus did not disappoint moves rags to riches, where the odds history of Jannard’s starts up exploits at Oakley, went public in 1995 where the one sold out eyewear has a monopoly Luxottica in 2007. In 2005, Jannard establishment, started RED Cinema Camera Company struck it big in the motion picture industry.

About Hydrogen One Smartphone

Hydrogen One Smartphone as Act 2 from RED is a gargantuan beast of specs powerhouse. Thus standout features besides the size have a 3D front and back cameras and screen, not allowed showing a lame 2D website. Thus, one shows some new stuff here in our unboxing…

This is the first time with the RED Hydrogen One, frankly where the RED Cameras, I have a little background in the area. My cameraphile friends, have the company’s cameras feel like walking on hallowed ground here.

Taking out of the box, the RED Hydrogen One feels and reminds the HTC Evo 3D, reinvented for 2018. Heavy, substantial metal weight and of course 3D displays. Thus we cannot show the display until the embargo lifted, but a lot changed since the last 3D craze with the Nintendo 3DS and the aforementioned Evo 3D and untold numbers of 3D televisions. All (except maybe the 3DS) have thus gone now, doomed to failure. Jannard reasons products failed consumer devices display made our eyes tired. The Hydrogen One, will not use a different technology.

As the embargo, not allowed reveals our feeling on this phone just yet but does not take a mind reader, which sees that the RED Hydrogen One polarizes and interesting device about every phone introduction a small iteration on the previous year’s model.

Thus, one also notes – three rows of connectors on the back, as seen above. Those are for mods and essential, LG, and Moto tried and failed with these. RED promises cinema type camera where high-end audio mods go tempted to RED’s camera fans.

Did I mention about the phone was heavy? Jannard, makes no bones stuff where a monster battery thing wraps protective metal scoffs at a case. In fact, most people see think slapped badass with a super tough case on it. With the Hydrogen One, thus have a dual front and rear cameras for those three Ds, with interestingly me ridged scalloped edges. The grip hence makes one feeling almost one holding brass knuckles, for someone clock. The substantial weight and strength shell probably hammer a nail but goes someone else tries out. Thus, with a great feeling hand probably less so in the pocket – and your pocketbook.

A RED phone and AT&T with a movie industry where recent pickup of Warner Media, with tie-in free full-length 3D movies “Ready Player One” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” with the phone. Warner has the event touts the relationship. We bear the fruit with beyond the 15 one-planned flicks.

A hard argue is where a Jannard’s long career of success, smart-phone graveyard littered with tombs of unsuccessful companies. Thus with hinges on the differentiators has enough to build a market.

The price ($1299 Aluminum – $1599 Titanium) nears a top-end iPhone already stratospheric compared to prices, a few years ago. But one does not think the price a distraction with potential customers of this demographic.

Will the top end feature sell? Jannard, another entrepreneur is where the phone has business from outside field, capturing one-half of 1% market successful. The smart-phone market with a part of a percentage point, seen as a success.

We wait a few weeks diving deeper, an interesting device excited getting our hands on. Take a look unboxing pictures where one has some take from the event. Thus make more on this phone in the coming weeks.