How To Redeem iTunes Gift Cards [TUTORIAL]

Did Santa Claus provide you with a iTunes Gift Card this Christmas? Wondering what you should do to use it?

We can help you with the procedure to use Gift Card for iTunes apps, App store apps and Books. These procedures help you in understanding how to gain access to hidden redeem links.

Procedure for iTunes:

STEP 1 – Launch iTunes and click Redeem.

iTunes Gift Card Redeem

STEP 2 – Scratch off the number on card and enter it in field. Make sure that the alphabets that are capital in the card are entered in capital by you as well.

STEP 3 – Enter your iTunes password if you are not already logged in. Your credit should be appearing in the upper right of the browser.

STEP 4 – Add the apps, music and movies to your cart and follow Apple’s purchasing instruction. Simple!

iTunes App:

STEP 1 – Launch the iTunes app and at the lower left, tap either on “Music” or on “Videos”.

STEP 2 – Scroll down to “Redeem” option.

iTunes Gift Card Redeem

STEP 3 – Enter the code meant for “redeeming the item” i.e. getting it downloaded for free. You may now have to enter your password, too, but then the app should immediately start downloading.

App Store app:

STEP 1 – Launch App Store. Tap on “Featured” at the lower left.

STEP 2 – Scroll down to “Redeem” button and tap it.



iTunes Gift Card Redeem

STEP 3 – Enter code.

Procedure for Books:

STEP 1 – You should start with launching “Books”. Click on “Store” if you are not already there.

STEP 2 – Tap the “Featured” icon at the extreme left corner of lower bar.

STEP 3 – Scroll down to “Redeem” button which would be down. Tap the “Redeem” button.



iTunes Gift Card Redeem

STEP 4 – Enter code. Make sure you are signed in.

These are the procedures for using gift cards and downloading apps, music and books in USA. In other countries, these procedures might be little bit different. So make sure what procedure you should follow to download an app.

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