RedSn0w Updated For iOS 6 Beta 3

RedSn0w Update for iOS 6 Beta 3

On Monday, 16 July 2012, developers upgraded to iOS 6 Beta 3 today from the Over The Air (OTA) update. Now here is a surprise for them.

A jailbreak for the new firmware tethered with a developer release of RedSn0w. Developers have been able to jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 1 and iOS 6 Beta 2 by simply pointing RedSn0w to the iOS 6 beta 1 firmware file. It was a tethered jailbreak.

Late on Monday, MuscleNerd tweeted that the developer version of RedSn0w has been updated with support for iOS 6 Beta 3. This time, developers will need to point RedSn0w to the iOS 6 beta 3 firmware file rather than the iOS 6 Beta 1 firmware file. More information can be seen on iPhone Dev-Team’s Blog:

Originally Posted by iPhone Dev-Team

Update #2 – July 16: The “dev3” version covers today’s 6.0beta3 release (and also adds explicit support for 6.0beta2). Please point redsn0w at the 6.0b3 IPSW in order to jailbreak beta3 and boot tethered.

Of course the updated version of RedSn0w is for developers only, because iOS 6 Beta is only available to people with developer accounts with Apple.

The latest jailbreak will not install Cydia on the device in an attempt to keep regular users from using the jailbreak prematurely. Instead, this jailbreak installs only an SSH tool onto the device so that developers can SSH their creations to the iOS device for testing so that jailbreak tweaks and applications can be ready for iOS 6 as soon as the first tethered or untethered jailbreak is released for the public release of iOS 6.

The developer-only jailbreak is tethered. It requires you to boot tethered after every reboot by connecting the device to a computer and running RedSn0w. This jailbreak will work only for A4 devices except the original iPad and the iPhone 3GS because these are the only devices with a bootrom exploit that run Apple’s new iOS 6 Beta 3 operating system.

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