Refreshed Twitter app for the iPad with new interface

Are you an active user of twitter, and use an iPad to tweet your friends? Then it’s good news for you all. Twitter released a new update to their popular Twitter application that makes it a Universal app with native support for the iPad’s large display. While native support has been a long requested feature for the official Twitter app, the company has also implemented a number of new interface features that seem quite natural on the iPad’s large screen.


The App’s features include use of movable Panes that allow you to actively manipulate content around the screen. Panes can be swiped left/right to move to cover or expose other panes and works surprisingly well.

The Twitter app also incorporates multi-touch gesture support to provide useful but more hidden functionality. Pinch-zoom can be used on a tweet to get more details about the user. Meanwhile, two-finger drag down on a tweet instantly shows the previous replies.

If you’re a regular Twitter user then this is a must do app for you, but even if your not a regular user of Twitter its worth giving it a try.


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