Refurbished Cellular iPad 2 Temporarily Same Price As Wi-Fi iPad 2

Refurbished iPad 2 price advertisement

The news of Apple’s iPad being the leading tablet in tablet industry is a very old news. However, not everyone can afford to purchase a new iPad, especially at its premium price point.

This leads many to bargain hunt or purchase second-hand, refurbished iPads. Even the older generation iPads out-do many tablets in today’s market. Getting an iPad at a cost effective price is a rewarding task of its own.

However, now it seems that Apple is running a special deal currently where the refurbished version of the 3G+Wi-Fi iPad 2 model is the same price as the Wi-Fi only. This is a good deal, especially because 3G capabilities for an iPad usually drive the price of the product up by $130.

You do not even have to purchase a cellular data subscription upon purchase. But having the option of purchasing 3G service on your iPad when in need is definitely a luxury. And this luxury would not cost you anything extra.

The duration of the promotion has not been specified. So you should make a quick decision if urgently want to buy an iPad.

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