Relief For Apple In Motorola Patent Case

Apple Motorola

Lawyers representing Apple must be happy with the latest ruling in the patent case involving Google’s Motorola Mobility unit. The latest ruling grants Apple the chance of making its case via an injunction.

The judge’s order, which was issued on 13 June 2012 was one last chance for both parties to plead the case to continue to a trial, that was canceled by Judge Richard Posner last week, with the judge ruling that neither party could prove damages.

Many have opined that the suit originated by Motorola in 2010 was preemptive in nature, keeping an imminent lawsuit (filed later that month) from Apple at bay. Apparently the trial, originally scheduled for today, had Apple win all over it, as most of the patent claims made by Motorola had been eliminated in pretrial rulings. The cancellation of the trial meant that Apple might not come out as ahead as they would have liked.

Judge Posner has set the injunction hearing for 20 June 2012 in Chicago. According to the original report, Motorola may also ask for an injunction on the one patent in the case that had not been dismissed by the judge.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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