Relive Your Childhood By Playing Snakes And Ladders [REVIEW]

Snakes And Ladders World Edition iPhone

As a child, I loved to play Snakes And Ladders. It was one of my favorite board game.

Now I am glad to see that ibexis and Insite Digital Private has given me another chance to relive my childhood by playing snakes and ladders game.

This new game is known as Snakes And Ladder World Edition.

In this game, you will find an international look and feel, be it in the portrayal of the avatars you choose, their dressing sense, or the classic board game itself.

At the same time, you can enjoy the awesome animation and enjoy this exciting game. Here, the avatars rejoice with you as you climb the ladder. They also share your resentment as a snake catches hold of you. Snakes And Ladders offers you a unique opportunity to spend quality time and have fun with your family or close friends anytime, anywhere. Thus, is a game that should never be forgotten.

Here are five reasons that makes this game, a must-have game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

1. This game engages you and creates excitement in your mind as you climb a ladder.

2. There are five new Global avatars to choose.

3. This game has enhanced graphics.

4. This game has a melodious and soothing background score.

5. One feature in this game allows you to see and read fun facts about this game.

6. A parent can motivate his/her child by encouraging to play this game as this game has a moral. If snakes (problems) come in your way, you should not be afraid and make efforts to climb the ladder (success). This game teaches that one can triumph over troubles through hard work.

Snakes And Ladders World Edition iPod Touch

How to play:
First you choose whether there are two players or more. I chose one Avatar and chose my name as “Avi”. The game allotted me “Kim” as an opponent. I would roll the dice by tapping on it and the avatar chosen by me would walk the number of steps on the basis of the number that appears on my dice.

Then the game would roll the dice for Kim and Kim would walk the number of steps that appear on the dice. Whoever reaches the Block Number 100 wins.

This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3.0 or later version.

So are you ready to climb the ladder and reach by defeating an army of snakes? Let’s see whether you can overcome the fear of Basilisk. Share your feedback in the comments section.

Click here to buy and download Snakes And Ladder World Edition.

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