Remember Apple’s Carrousel du Louvre, France’s first Apple store at France


It is a bittersweet time for Apple fans in Paris. Apple Carrousel du Louvre is the company’s first retail store in France. This has just closed permanently, after nine years of service and just two days of iPhone XR sales. The announcement came as a disappointment to Parisian tourists and locals. This is with a new store experience around the corner. Thus, a nostalgic look back hence is remembered the famous store’s history.

Carrousel du Louvre

While Apple’s earliest stores opened in the United States in 2001, France did not receive the first location until 2009. Rumours circulated for years about where Apple might build. In June 2008, Apple confirmed constructing a two-storey store Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall is near the famous Louvre Museum.

The store located was not directly under the Louvre Pyramid, slightly to the west. Its stone entrance faced La Pyramide Inversée, a glass skylight that appears to defy gravity. The design created by architect I.M. Pei, devised the “floating” staircase used at the former NeXT Computer headquarters in Redwood City, CA.

Like all major stores, Apple developed artwork theme for Paris opening. In 2009, the fifth-generation iPod nano was a hot product, and Apple incorporated colours and click wheel into the look of the store’s imagery. Large banners pay homage to the inverted pyramid’s design placed over the store’s windows to announce its arrival. Pyramid themes even extended to the souvenir shirts given away to early customers, packaged in a pyramid-shaped box.

This concludes from the sources taken from 9to5mac, states Apple’s Carrousel du Louvre opens on November 7, 2009, where hundreds of visitors wait in-line. According to Apple, 150 employees originally staffed the store with dedicated space.  This is for buying, activating, and configuring iPhones.

Above the store’s spiral glass is a staircase, where others stationed at a unique Genius Bar, L-shaped fitting of the room. Some original employees thus remain for all nine years presenting a clap out of the store at closing.