Replace Traditional Smilies With AniEmoticons [REVIEW]


We all love to add smilies with text in our e-mails and text messages. Through smilies, we add emotions and express our love for people we value our relationships with.

Sometimes, there are limited smilies and you wish that there could have a different smily for the context.

Now you can choose, select and add smilies in your messages through a vast number of varieties and options. It would be possible to find the perfect animated emoticon to show people how you are really feeling via text or email! Just Download AniEmoticons and you will see thousands of unique new crisply animated emoticons ready to be used.

AniEmoticons carries tons of smilies and this app has been developed by Dim Dim Sum who define there mission as “connecting hearts with apps”. You may laugh at this funny name but in Chinese language, their name means “Tap Tap Heart”.


AniEmoticons also has a Lite Version.

Coming back to original version, this unique app is has versatile, intuitive, and in-depth animated email and SMS emoticon solution on iOS. There are countless other animated emoticon apps on the App Store.

However, AniEmoticon is not about just hundreds but thousands of wacky emoticons split up by category and character. Not only that, this pap features many original emoticon characters like Milky Head, Onion Boy, and countless others. These characters are completely original and can only be found here! iPod Touch users are free to use AniEmoticons via their iMessages account as well. The emoticons are beautiful, colorful and cute.

AniEmoticons has been built to be simple and quick to use. AniEmoticons would save you from time wasting hassle where you have go through the painstaking procedure of copying emoticons from their home application, close it out, and paste them into you emails and text messages. Instead, this app would automatically place its full list of emoticons in your device’s email and SMS editing menus. It would ensure that you can use and share any silly face you want to all from one centralized location. To boot, you are free to use as many characters and faces as you want to in your messages. There is no limit for that.


AniEmoticons features almost three thousand unique faces to choose from. 2740 maybe the actual number. These faces and smilies are concisely organized into 28 categories so that searching for the perfect face to make your message funny or interesting would be easy. The Lite version of the app AniEmoticons contains a full 949 emoticons grouped into 10 categories as well.

Not everyone in the world owns an iOS device. That is why, AniEmoticon’s characters can be sent via text to any smartphone, regardless of which platform it runs on. Just because you are not communicating face to face, that does not mean you cannot express your emotions dynamically. With AniEmoticons you will have more animated options than ever before.

Let us have a look at the features of AniEmoticons:

1. As mentioned earlier, AniEmoticons has 2740 unique high quality emoticons to choose from.

2. There are 28 diverse emoticon categories to simplify search and selection for you.

3. AniEmoticons features exclusive emoticons that have been specially for this app. You will not find these apps anywhere.

4. This app features an intuitive user-friendly design.

5. You can pick emoticons conveniently for your email or SMS.

6. AniEmoticons has universal platform compatibility for all sent emoticons.


The new Version 2.0 of AniEmoticons has added Push Notification to this app. Bugs on More Apps Screen has been fixed. “Help & Tips” has been revised. The new version also supports iPod Touch with iMessages.

AniEmoticons is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining AniEmoticons from App store through a gift card and the app has been used on an iPhone before review.

So are you ready to surprise and impress your fans and friends with new and unique Emoticons while they still use traditional smilies? Share your feedback about unique Emoticons in this app. Which Emoticons did you like most?

Click here to buy and download AniEmoticons.

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