Research Data Shows One Third of iDevice in China are Jailbroken

With the launch of iPad 2 in China on Friday, we posted an article about riots in Apple Store in China, now we got another report about China having the higher percentage of iDevices that has been Jailbroken.

According to ModMyi site:

Umeng, a firm that researches and collects date for mobile developers, released a packet of statistics regarding the number of jailbroken iDevices. According to their findings, 34.6% of all iDevices in China are jailbroken. Along with the above, they also released some other important data summarized below (not all examples are listed). The translation from Chinese was done by TechNode.

The iPhone 4 takes 54% of the iOS market while second place, the iPhone 3Gs, is only at 16.1%.

On average, 34.6% of all iDevices in China are jailbroken. However, just the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs separate from each other, take up at least 40%+.

Only 27% of all iPads in China are jailbroken.

Users are willing to use iPhone more in daytime (before 7pm), and after 7pm iPad is a better choice;

Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu are the major cities/provinces where 52% of iOS users are based.

Analyst are saying that this could have a major affect in the paid app market. What do you think folks, will it really effect? You can send your suggestion.

[ Via technode, modmyi ]

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