Retina Apple Mac Coming Soon

Mac OS X Lion

The first “breed” Apple Macs with a retina display is likely to hit the market this year. This news has come just after the speculations started becoming high.

The resolution of a Retina Mac would be 2,880 x 1,800px. Right now, Mac usually has a resolution of 2,560×1,440px. On the big displays, the increased resolution will not make such a big difference. On a 15-inch MacBook Air a 2,880 x1,800px resolution would enhance picture quality and would look beautiful.

Online reports are carrying a hint at just released Messages Beta for Mac app. The hint suggests that Retina Display Macs would be coming in near future. Additionally images are stored with a “2x” moniker in the filename. This is similar to iOS.

Possibly, Apple will make Retina Display the key feature of the rumored revamped MacBook Pro laptops.

Source: i4U

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