Retina Display Compatible iPad App Section Surfaces In iTunes

Retina Display iPad apps

It seems that Apple has put together, a list of 24 apps that seem to best utilize the new iPad’s high resolution Retina Display. This may make many iPad users happy who have recently purchased the New iPad.

Ever since the new iOS software development kit has been released in March, app developers have been busy updating and submitting updates to their apps to support the tablet’s Retina Display. Users can browse through iTunes and purchase the apps. If you already own a previous version of the app, it can be directly downloaded from the iPad’s App Store app.

Popular apps from the list include Tweet Bot (it seems that it has a new streaming option along with full Retina Display compatibility), Sketchbook Pro (the Autodesk drawing app), and NYTimes for iPad. In near future, we may see more apps that support the Retina Display feature available in the App Store along with an updated list to reflect the compatible apps.

Source: Modmyi

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