Review : CopyTrans 4 (Windows)

Not often do we review windows applications here on tAB. But for a fine Apple related app as CopyTrans we make an exception.

CopyTrans 4 is the fourth major version of the iPod Backup and media extraction application CopyTrans. With CopyTrans you can easily transfer iPod and iPhone media to your PC. As I found out myself, CopyTrans works for every type of iPod. I connected my first iPod ever, which was a first generation iPod Nano and it synced without issues.

Another remarkable feature is the ability of CopyTrans to read iPods or iPhones which are formatted for Mac OSX. This feature makes it ideal for Mac users who need extraction software on their Windows bootcamp partition. Extracting from a Mac formatted iPod or iPhone happens at the same speed as it does on a Windows formatted iPod, which is very speedy.

With CopyTrans you can extract songs, but that’s not all. You can also rebuild your iTunes library. So let’s say, your computer is bricked and you lost all your music. With CopyTrans you can just rebuild your entire iTunes library from an iPod which was previously synced with your PC.

All songs, video’s audiobooks, podcasts, etc., are extracted containing all information iTunes uses to identify them. Which means all downloaded images, lyrics, play counts and ratings are transferred as well.

The interface is very easy to use, but as a Mac user and someone who is quite enthusiastic about the decent Windows 7 Microsoft delivered I have one remark. The theme of CopyTrans is comparable to the brushed metal theme and this is nice if you like other than default themes and it’s perfectly in line with the Apple-based functionality of this application, but for once Microsoft delivered a beautiful operating system with nice themes and an eye on the aesthetics. So why not use the default transparent theme that Windows 7 supplies? It’s not a big issue, but for people who like the native Windows 7 theme this will be a bit of a downer.

Also when you download the default installer, you are presented with a shortcut to the CopyTrans control center which also shows you haven’t installed yet. WIth a simple click you can go to CopyTrans. But it’s easier to have CopyTrans open directly when you open the shortcut. The developer kindly replied to my request for more information about this decision and I found out that you can just download CopyTrans as a standalone application as well, without the control center.

All an all, this is a wonderful application with just the right amount of features and it’s built in such a way that it’s accessible to all. It works with all iPods and iPhones and does exactly what it is supposed to do. So I give it the tag, highly recommended!

My only wish left would be a Mac OSX version.

You can get a trial version here :
And purchase a full version here for 19,99$ :

Also take a look at the running back to school offer and the other CopyTrans products.

Here are some screenshots :

The CopyTrans Control Center
The CopyTrans Control Center
The export dialog
The export dialog

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