Review – Defen-G Astro

Defen-G Astro is based on a classic story in another galaxy where all creations gathered around the Tower of Atea to receive energy from it. But it is being attacked by destructors and its in the power of the natures creations to save the Tower.

It is a strategy-defence game where in soldiers need to defend the tower of Atea from the attack of aliens. In the game one needs to place numbers of soldiers to defend the tower. Strategy is required to defend the tower from the enemy. You can choose from lot of soldiers but that keeps unfolding as the game progresses and you reach higher levels. The strategy is involved in terms of what weapons to use and how to place the soldiers because as the game proceeds the soldiers become more powerful so does the enemy. As the game progress you get various powers in terms of buying potions. Upgrading warriors or selling them. Its all about strategy how you place your soldier, which soldier you place, like the Ground Squirrel even though is a stronger warrior but when approached is defenceless, which weapons they use.

Rest assured once you start playing and feeling like the warrior you wouldn’t have much time to do anything else till you win your war.

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